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At Home in the Triple S Lodge and Cabins...

The Triple S Lodge combines rustic luxury with a "right there" feel. Imagine waking up in the lodge and walking outside to stand face-to-face with a magnificent monster elk. Or sit on the deck and enjoy the beautiful sunrise as waterfowl and even trophy bass splash just yards away in the 30 acre lake. Maybe you'll stare in awe as the stately Pere David's deer swim across the water or laugh at the antics of a baby Sika deer. You'll never enjoy a better cup of coffee than one spent watching the incredible wildlife array that unfolds continually.

Inside, the main room of the 10,000 square foot lodge houses over 300 mounts in a split-level presentation that surrounds a beautiful four-sided rock fireplace. Enjoy a fully-stocked complimentary bar, large-screen television or music of your choice - plus find the billiards champion of your group when you take time for a game of pool. Meals and snacks are provided in a family-style atmosphere and the coffee pot is always on.

Guests enjoy the rustic ambiance of a private suite upstairs or downstairs in the lodge and though the days are never long enough, the nights are comfortable and relaxing and there's the added appeal of time in the hot tub or a relaxing swim in the pool. 


Wildlife Safari

This is our standard package which includes a guided adventure to view and/or hunt the tremendous variety of wildlife across the 3,000 acres of our ranch. This applies to your weapon of choice:  camera, tranquilizer dart, bow & arrow, muzzleloader, crossbow, pistol, rifle, etc.  Anything other than a camera will require a Harvest Fee. These safaris are usually done via our Kawasaki Mules or Polaris Rangers, and we have some of the most friendly, knowledgeable guides in the business. Please call in advance for reservations for all our services.

Luxury Lodge

Enjoy our beautiful 10,000 sq ft Lodge facilities, along with three meals per day with some of the best food & drink you’ll ever experience. Enjoy the rustic ambiance of a private suite overlooking a picturesque lake setting with abundant numbers of native & exotic wildlife. This option is also perfect for a for you and your family. Don't forget to bring along your swimsuit to enjoy the pool and hot tub.

Private Cabins

If a more secluded and rustic setting is your goal, you might opt for staying in one of the Triple S cabins. This is the most economical option to enjoy the beauty of the ranch. The cabins do not include food, drink, or other ranch services; however, you may choose add-ons (listed below) as you wish. Our cabins have all the comforts of home. We also have 3 bedroom homes available for larger groups that sleep up to 12 people. Both the cabins and homes are on a lake where you will see glorious wildlife right outside our door/window.

Additional Services:

Wildlife Tour

Enjoy the beauty of our wildlife as guided by one of our knowledgeable ranch staff in one of our off-road vehicles. This popular tour runs 1-2 hours. We can also accommodate large groups via hay ride type events, where prices are much more economical. 

Horseback Riding

Experiencing the wild outdoors from a horse is one of the most thrilling western adventures. Enjoy the outback of our ranch from one of our friendly horses as guided by one of our staff.

ATV Riding

This option allows you to adventure on or off the ranch. Our ranch borders the Canadian River and there are many miles of ATV trails available to you. Our customers consistently tell us this is the most FUN event at the ranch. This allows for a full day of ATV rental.


We are proud to offer catch and release fishing for some of the biggest bass in the area. The ranch has 18 ponds and lakes you can fish. The largest bass caught on the ranch to this point is 11 lbs. We also have excellent fishing for catfish, crappie, and sunfish. 


We provide hunting for quail, pheasants and chucker partridge. We are also proud to offer some of the best Brittany Spaniel hunting dogs you’ve ever experienced. These are released birds that fly strong and provide challenging shotgunning.


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