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1. Our top priority is providing the best customer satisfaction in the industry.  Our staff will go above and beyond to ensure your wildlife experience exceeds your expectations.

2. A booking is reserved when the client commits to sending a deposit.

3. Unless otherwise agreed to by all parties, a deposit shall be 50% or more of the basic cost of any booking.

4. Reservations are held for 5 mailing days only to allow for deposit delivery.

5. Pricing is subject to change without notice any time prior to your reservation

6. Once booked, the terms of a hunt are considered set in stone, unless all parties agree to any changes.

7. A deposit may be made by check, cashier’s check or money, made out to:  Triple S Wildlife Ranch, and mailed: 8109 E. 1385 Rd., Calvin, OK 74531.  Please include a note as to what package and the dates the deposit should be applied, along with your contact information.

8. If a hunt is canceled by the client, there will generally be no deposit returned unless plenty of notice is given and all parties agree to any changes.  We will make every effort to allow you to change dates to another opportunity.  We will also allow you to transfer your deposit to another person/party to take your place.  We don’t want anyone to lose their deposit!

9. Unless stated otherwise, the balance due on the hunt is to be paid in cash or cash equivalent upon arrival at the ranch.  No personal checks.

10.  Harvest fees, if applicable, are due in cash or cash equivalent at the time of harvest, unless prior arrangements have been made.

11. A harvest is any animal leaving blood, whether recovered or not; no exceptions to this policy.  All hunters must have a valid Oklahoma hunting license, which is only $50.00 for exotics.  They must also obey all state and federal hunting laws and regulations.

12. A liability waiver must be signed by all ranch guests prior to any activity occurring on the ranch.
Click here to read our liability waiver.

13. Taxes of 10% are added to all invoices.

14. Credit card payments will be adjusted based on 3% added to the total amount charged.

15. A gratuity, better known as a tip, is appreciated by our staff but is not required.  Our staff works very hard to make your trip as pleasant as possible, in part, to encourage you to tip well.  Most tips in this industry run about 10-15% of the total cost of the experience, but remember, it is just a guideline and is your choice whether to tip or not.

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