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Just wanted to let you know how terrific our recent hunt on SSS Ranch was. The five hunters in our group had a great experience and everyone got the trophies they wanted. The bull elk and American bison were especially beautiful: long thick coats and impressive horns. We now have gorgeous shoulder mounts and all the top quality meat that we can eat.   The bison bull that I took with bow was the fulfillment of a long-time dream for me. I have never been drawn for a bison permit in Utah's Henry Mountains, now I don't need to apply any more because SSS Ranch made my dream come true. Thank you, we're planning a return trip to your beautiful ranch and incredible lodge.

Herb Hull
West Virginia

The SSS ranch is an incredible hunting ranch. During my visit i saw many outstanding trophy exotics. The African game looked as healthy as they would in their natural environment. Along with the animals, the lodging and the service are top of the line. I have been looking for a world class Blackbuck antelope for over 10 years. The SSS helped me accomplish one my dreams by putting me on a Gold Medal monster blackbuck. This is the first of many more hunting experiences at the SSS.

Brent Myers
Muskogee OK

The Triple S Wildlife Ranch consists of some of the finest exotics animals that I have seen personally. This is coming from a hunting guide from the west. As a matter of fact I spend several weeks a year hunting exotics in Texas. This ranch ranks up there with the best ranches that I have spent time. The main reason I came to the Triple S Ranch was to hunt a huge Red Stag, a long life dream with a bow. Thank you Steve for making that dream come true.  Ronnie, as a fellow hunting guide, thank you for your time and extraordinary efforts. I couldn’t ask for much more from any of the staff.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!

Tom Crissman

We hunted Axis Deer in June on the SSS Ranch. Steve picked us up at the airport and for the next three days we were treated like family. Everyone at the ranch made us feel at home. The lodge is beautiful and the family meals were excellent. (You have to taste their incredible jerky.) They went out of their way to accommodate us. The guides were friendly and very knowledgeable. They prepared our hides and meat for the flight home. I can’t tell you all the things they did to make sure we had a great experience. If you want to hunt Exotics, and I mean "really" hunt, make your reservations with the SSS Ranch. You will see so many beautiful animals. You won’t be sorry!
Thanks so much,

Paul Thomas
Bakersfield, Ca.

I hunted Wildebeest & Turkey in May. When I arrived Steve and his team were all on hand to welcome me. I have talked to alot of guys about hunting, and I have never met anyone more knowledgeable than Steve. I was prepared to take my Wildebeest w/bow or rifle. I could have taken him the 1st evening w/rifle, but Steve said to wait we’ll have more chances tomorrow. On the 2nd day, I took him w/bow @ 37 yards. He was one of the most gorgeous trophies of my hunting career.  Also shot an Eastern Turkey w/12-1/4″ beard.  The entire staff made me feel like part of the family from the minute we met. Great people, food and accomodations, I could go on & on about the experience. I would 100% recommend SSS ranch. I’LL BE BACK. Thank you.

Tim Johnson
Phoenix, Arizona

The Triple S Ranch experience is the top adventure of our hunting lives, which includes 57 years of my wonderful wife and I hunting together. I took a great trophy Bison and and my wife took a great trophy Yak. The animals are beautiful and very well cared for, and there are all kinds of trophies around every corner throughout this HUGE ranch. Steve was what every guide should be, knowledgeable, caring and understanding of our desires pertaining to this hunt.  The staff made sure we were fed like KINGS!!  Darren took us varmint & hog hunting one evening ... big fun!!   CJ made sure that every little detail back at the lodge was taken care of.  My wife and I we more impressed than could ever know. Wonderful trophies were harvested and we look forward to a return visit.  Thank you so much!!

Roy and Shirley Cline
Miami, FL

Congratulations on your great Ranch. Just a few short notes to say thank you for such a wonderful week. It was interesting to see all the different animal species throughout the SSS Ranch as we pursued our trophies.  The Addax Antelope I harvested, was something I have always wanted as well as that huge White Fallow Deer. Thanks to the great job of skinning and meat processing.  I am having you mount both trophies, and they will both go into Scheels Sporting Good Store here in Fargo. The Lodge accommodations were great, and the trophy room was a great place to relax and unwind after a day of hunting. I’ll be back.

Ryan Anderson
Fargo, North Dakota

I have been hunting with a lot of outfitters. Nothing can compare to the first class treatment of the SSS Ranch. The habitat, atmosphere, and abundance of game is about as good as it gets.

Scott Beck
Memphis, TN

I have done quite a few hunts at the SSS Ranch. Every experience has been more enjoyable than the last. On the opening weekend of archery season this year, my son and I sat overlooking a watering hole watching all the different animals come in and get water.  We encountered Red Stags, Axis, Fallow Sika, Whitetails, and one huge 8x8 bull Elk which was unbelievable to watch. After a few hours a nice Oryx came in to drink and I was able to get off an arrow with my Matthews bow.  . The next day Ryan was able to take a huge Fallow buck ... the SSS has the most inexpensive prices on quality Fallow Deer!!  It was a fun and exciting experience with my son.  Through my hunts at the SSS Ranch, I have made great friends and experienced moments that will stay with me forever. I am grateful that Steve has been a very knowledgeable and helpful friend to assure our successful hunts.

Matt Morris
Kansas City, MO

I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful hospitality and an excellent hunting experience that you provided for me and my family at the SSS Ranch. I don’t think that I have ever received such a warm welcome and easily paced hunt that allowed us to enjoy ourselves, as well as have fun after the day was over. I was amazed at how professionally managed your ranch is as well, and the variety of species that a person could hunt. There was such an abundance of animals, that I could not help but talk to many of my fellow hunters and refer them to you if they wanted the best hunt in the USA. Your prices are second to none for the quality and size that you offer.  

Frank Ewing
Dallas TX

What an incredible ranch!!  Thank you for being dedicated to youth hunting.  I thank you for caring enough to help my sons learn about the many exotics that you have in your game management. Apart from the wonderful exotics they shot, they came home talking constantly about how each learned the different species by reading in your wonderful trophy room. I have never seen such a vast and informative display anywhere else. And I feel that your caring to take personal time to teach your guests about the game on your ranch is something I have never experienced, but I feel is something which sets you apart from many other ranches which I have been to.  God Bless. 

Rueben Becker
St Loius, MO

First of all, I must say that my experience at the SSS Ranch was truly a memorable one, and one I’m sure will stay me the rest of my life. Also as an experienced hunter of 40 years, I never killed a huge Whitetail buck, and you allowed me that incredible experience.  My trophy scored 189 3/8.  He is a trophy of a lifetime.  Also, I was surprised at the amount and quality of animals that roamed freely on your ranch providing us with many options.  Your hospitality is second to none and Pam did an awesome job cooking that made us feel right at home. I look forward to seeing you guys again.

Tom Benson
Denver Colo

The SSS ranch is the best!  I truly want to thank you for helping a father and son enjoy the hunt and bond in a sport that I think every boy should be able to do. With my disabilities from the Iraq War, I would never have been able to take him hunting without your help and compassion. You truly have provided us with the best hunting experience we could ever ask for and I thank you for caring enough to provide us with that encounter.

 Bobby Starling
Afton, WI

Thanks ya'll, Well, after the second animal in a very exciting trip for me, I will remember you for a lifetime. David and the girls also took great trophies at the SSS Ranch.  It was an awesome experience, as usual when you have a great guide like Ronnie ... he made everything a lot of fun and always gets you a wonderful animal. Love ya all.

Lisa Barras and family
Layfayette LA

 I have been hunting Exotic game animals for about 5 or 6 years and have heard a lot of horror stories about hunters being ripped off. Consequently when I first contacted Steve at the SSS Ranch I asked some pretty tough questions. He was probably at the point of telling this old man to hunt my Aoudad somewhere else. We finally came to an agreement on a date.  On 17 February I showed up at his front gate and from that moment on was treated like a very special person. The accommodations are five stars. The ranch is breathtaking. I saw many trophy animals and came home with a ROE gold medal trophy Aoudad. Steve styles the hunt to you. What a place! Thanks Steve ... you are a blessed man.  See you again soon.

Jon Niblock
Leesville Louisiana

We are proud to bring our corporate clients and associates to the SSS Ranch. Steve Seibert and the staff at the ranch strive to exceed all your expectations of this extraordinary wildlife adventure. The SSS Ranch impressively accommodates the needs of each member of the group. Every year we look forward to another exciting outing.

Marty Dumas
Tulsa, OK

I wanted to thank you again for the outstanding hunting adventure last weekend. Not only was the hunting trip a success, but Rita and I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. The lodge and facilities are clean and well maintained, unlike some places I have experienced.  That trophy room is spectular!

Brent & Rita Clark
Nashville TN.

Just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks for a wonderful hunt, and experience that we encountered on the Triple S Wildlife Ranch. The scenery and quality of animals were breath taking. In my days, I've hunted about 10-12 different ranches throughout Texas, and I find the SSS in the top three. We were after trophy whitetails,(150 class), and saw numerous quality bucks that fit that category. If you and your family members want to experience a trip of a life time, book a hunt with Steve Seibert on the SSS, and I promise you, you won't have any regrets!!!!!!!

Brandon Duncan
Little Rock, ARK

I have just returned from my fourth hunting experience at the Triple S Ranch. What an absolutely fantastic time. I don’t know how you do it but each time I come it gets better and better.  The reason why we come back year after year is that everyone at the Triple S works together to welcome the guests into their beautiful ranch.  We use the Triple S ranch for corporate events.  As the host of such an event, my work is done the second that I pull into the driveway. I can spend my time developing relationships with my customers.

Ben Hart 

Steve Seibert and the fine folks of the Triple S Ranch offer one of North America’s finest exotics hunting experiences. The accommodations, food, sportsmanship and hunting are unique to the heartland of this country. You will not find a better group of people or a more productive hunt. I highly recommend it.”

Jim Foss
Pueblo, CO

I would like to thank you for an excellent hunt!!!  My family had a great Spring Break. After talking with you numerous times on the phone, we finally booked in January, for the third week of March. The quality of game animals on your ranch is excellent! The mouflon sheep are as pure as the get,...and the amount of trophy Aoudad was incredible. The hospitality you showed us was more than expected and the accomodations were superb.  My wife loved the ranch because all the extra amentities for her! I've hunted about a half dozen of different ranches throughout Texas and the SSS Ranch is hands down the nicest. We are already planning for next year.  We came to the ranch as clients and we left as friends. I can't say enough, Steve ... THANK YOU!!

Allen Stockton
Anchorage, AK

The hunting experience and memories is not something that we will soon forget, having hunted whitetails for sometime. We all know that having two massive 10 points lock horn within 50 yards of your stand is not something you see every day. And just when we thought that was going to be the highlight of our trip, the very next morning we decided to do a little rattling. Nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to see, we rattled in at least five deer four of them were easily 145 to 160 class trophies, and then out of no where this massive 20 inch wide 12 point got within 25 feet of us UNBELEIVABLE.  Plus, after the whitetail deer hunting, everyone loved the economical hog and rams hunting.  If you are looking to experience trophy hunting at its finest, the SSS Ranch has got it all.  Thanks for the memorable experiences, we will definitely be back soon.

Tony, Stephen, Rusty and Pete
Atlanta Georgia

Let me start by saying the guys and I were simply amazed by the number of trophy caliber Whitetail that roam the grounds of the SSS Ranch. The hospitality as well as the accommodations are the best that we have ever experienced. To look out from the back porch of the Lodge and see that gorgeous lake and the various wildlife is unbelievable.

This was my second successful hunt at the ranch. The first trip netted a great elk trophy, and now I have a trophy mouflon ram to add to the office wall. The age and quality of the animals considered trophies on the SSS Ranch is a tribute to your game management style. The overall ranch size, as well as the supplemental feeding, food plots and cedar control measures, should continue to allow for trophy quality animals for many years to come.  Rita already wants to come back and fish some more. We will be in touch with you regarding another hunting opportunity this fall

Terry Salter
Colorado Springs, CO

The SSS Ranch is like a home away from home. We are not hunters, but we love the outdoors. The first time we visited the ranch, we stayed at the cabins. The Lodge was still in the building phase. My son (4yrs), my husband, and I have truly enjoyed the photo safaris and the wildlife interaction. The rates are reasonable and the hospitallity is unmatched. Steve says, "You leave as a friend" and this has been true. It is a great place to relax and get away from busy schedules.

Gloria Noemi Ramirez

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for a wonderful hunt we had in February. Your ranch was everything you said it would be plus more. There are many species and lots of animals to choose from. You went out of your way to make it a great experience.

Mike Daley

I just want to thank you and your team for all the attention, you really made us feel at home and as friends. (your slogan, come as a client, leave as a friend was right on the money). We enjoyed our stay, it was a great experience! The wildlife safari to observe the different species in a natural wild habitat was truly amazing. We saw wild animals you only see on TV shows. I also enjoyed my first fishing experience, I actually caught 4 fish. Thanks again great hospitality made this trip truly unforgettable. Look forward to doing it again.

Susana Ollervides & Dora

On behalf of Dan, Chad, Mark, Luke, Matt and myself, I want to tell you that our experience at the Triple S Wildlife Ranch, last weekend, was outstanding! 

I am the least experienced hunter, by far, which was probably obvious.  But I learned many things, and appreciated the opportunity to “operate” on my hogs and goat, which gave me invaluable experience for field dressing in the future.

We not only had a great time hunting, we also felt very welcome, were  fed like kings, and were  treated as though you and your staff all had nothing else on their calendars  than to make our stay exceptionally wonderful.

Steve, I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm about considering an internship for my son, Matt.  He is majoring in Agricultural Economics at Mizzou.  An internship with you at the ranch would address land and water management, livestock husbandry, wildlife conservation, and the business of doing all of those things!  Seems like a perfect idea for his education! I look forward to future visits to the ranch and enjoying the vistas, animals, hunting and hospitality!Peter

We had a great time despite the cold rainy weather. Your staff was fantastic, and the food was almost too good. Charles worked hard to get everybody a nice hunt. All in all, a wonderful experience. We will be back.
Dan Nicoll

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