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*Triple S Wildlife Ranch* Meet the Ranch Owners

Oklahoma Hunting Ranch OK Hunt Exotics

Steve and Gina have enjoyed the outdoors all their lives. They both grew up in hunting and fishing families and are exceptionally qualified to share the magic of their unique Oklahoma wildlife ranch. Both are involved on a daily basis to ensure the ultimate in customer satisfaction across the ranch.

Gina is a native Okie, and also an accomplished hunter. Her professional experience has been many years of jewelry making where she crafts some of the most beautifully unique Western jewelry you have ever seen. She has done custom pieces for our clients showing their exact trophy taken on our ranch in the form of earrings or pendants ... beauty you must see.

During his career as a FedEx Executive, Steve was able to meld his lifelong love of hunting with his worldwide business travels, literally hunting all over the globe. Through the years, he amassed over 300 mounts that are now displayed in the Triple S Lodge and his experiences and knowledge make him an authority on hunting, wildlife conservation, and animal care. When Steve retired from FedEx, it was time to realize his lifelong dream of creating a wildlife ranch. He purchased the raw land north of Calvin that would become Triple S Ranch and ten years later, the facility stands as a testament to his vision. Seven miles of high fences now enclose a wilderness where wild animals roam freely.

Steve’s passion for wildlife and for excellence shows up in all aspects of the ranch. His years of Fortune 100 company experience led him to blend the unique animal experience with an intense commitment to a “customer is always right” policy, and to flexibility that creates a customized experience for people of all budgets, which includes on-site facilities for meat processing and taxidermy .

Steve was the first person to successfully green hunt the African Big Five with a bow in the 1980s, and he has introduced the revolutionary green hunting experience to many visitors of the Triple S Ranch. Although the concept of green hunting is relatively new, it's one that is catching on world-wide and offers new and old hunters a new experience of combining traditional hunting with the "catch and release" concept.

Visiting with Gina and Steve and hearing them recount their many experiences is like taking a discovery trip through the animal world. Their enthusiasm for and excitement with the animals and with the ranch add much to the enjoyment of Triple S visitors.

Gina and Steve warmly welcome you and your family to their Triple S Wildlife ranch.

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